Features about the CW Channel

CW television channel is generally known as The CW. This channel is the free channel available on the Roku. By adding the CW on the Roku, you can enjoy the latest episodes of the famous series, movies, etc. If you are the lover of the series, then your option must be the CW channel. Here are the steps to Activate CW on Roku,

Compatible devices

  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Air play

Credentials that are Mandatory to Activate CW on Roku

  • Roku device
  • Network credentials to connect it with the Roku device
  • Roku account credentials

Steps that are to be Made before you start the Process to Activate CW on Roku

Activate CW on Roku

Activate CW on Roku

  • Connect the power cables to the Roku
  • Turn on the Roku device
  • On the Roku device sign in to the Roku account
  • Connect the network to the Roku device

Steps to Activate CW on Roku

  • After the Roku setup, you need to navigate to the channel store
  • Once you enter the channel store, you will get the list of available channels
  • Search for the CW channel on the search tab
  • After getting the search result, you can start to download the channel on the CW TV
  • Select the add channel option on the screen
  • After the download is complete, open the channel app
  • Sign in to the channel and get the channel activation code on the screen
  • Visit the channel website and enter the code to activate the channel
  • After completing all the activation steps, you need to check that the channel is visible on the list

Steps to Add the CW Channel Without the Cable

CW channel is also supported by the many streaming services like the Fubo TV, Hulu with live TV, AT&T TV Now, and YouTube TV. Here you can get the channel activation via streaming services.

Fubo TV

On the Fubo streaming service, you can watch the CW channel by adding the standard package. You can enjoy the CW channel, including 90+channel, by activating the standard package.

Hulu with Live TV

By adding the main subscription, you can enjoy the CW channel on the Roku. Even you can also enjoy the 67 channel on this Hulu with live tv package.


CW channel can be added on the Roku by adding the AT&T TV NOW packages. Five main packages include the CW channel on the AT&T TV NOW. The packages are plus, max, entertainment, choice Xtra and the ultimate

YouTube TV

CW channel can be viewed on the base package on YouTube streaming service.

Troubleshooting Issue while Activating the CW Channel

CW channel is not working

If your CW channel is not working, you need to check that there is any update that persists on the channel. If suppose there is any update then proceed the steps with the update of the channel

Network Issue

If your CW channel is loading slowly, you need to check that the network strength is weak. In case if the channel is not working correctly, you can check that the router is active. Moreover, if you could not connect the network to the device, then you need to verify that there is any issue while connecting the network.

System Update Issue

If you could not get the channel even after adding the channel, then check that there is any software update on the Roku. If yes, then proceed with the software updating steps and start the steps for the channel activation again.

Steps to Re-install the CW

If the troubleshooting issue is not working, then you need to re-install the CW channel.

  1. Navigate to the channel store on the Roku
  2. Select the CW channel by pressing the star button on the Roku remote
  3. Choose the remove channel option
  4. After uninstalling the channel, you need to process with the activation steps again

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