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The iHeartRadio is a no cost broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform that is maintained by iHeartMedia Inc. Moreover, this includes more than 250,000 podcasts proffers a Music recommender system and on demand functionality and enables the users to save and replay the songs from live broadcasts in digital playlists. Similarly, the on demand features will need a subscription fee.

And this iHeartRadio is accessible on more than 250 floors and 2000 devices like Smart Speakers, digital auto dashes, tablets, Smart phones, virtual accessories, TVs, and gaming consoles, etc. This service is available on the Roku streaming player and download the service and you must you can activate it via iheart.com/activate siteIn this blog, Here we provide you with more information on how to activate iHeartRadio on Roku, and How do I get an activation code for iHeartRadio.

Listen iheardradio using iheart.com/activate

Listen iheardradio using iheart.com/activate

iHeartRadio on Roku!

  • At first, iHeartRadio proffers a live streaming radio station and allows you to create custom stations
  • Secondly, this app identifies stations near you depending on your location, and you can also select over 1500 live stations across the US
  • Moreover, you can surf the stations by state and city and also by genre as you wish
  • After, signing into the iHeartRadio account, you can also search for live stations by its artists or song title
  • Similarly, the users can also search, and custom station functions authenticated users can save their favorite stations and can have access to the station list
  • Finally, you can create commercial-free all music custom stations featuring songs from the artist you choose and similar music
  • You can download the app from the Roku channel store and activate iHeartRadio on Roku via iheart.com/activate

What Are The Features Of iHeartRadio?

Below are the features that are available on the iHeartRadio:

  • It is the most famous Lie Radio station and Podcast from the US and beyond
  • Moreover, you can catch the music countdowns, and live talk shows from the top radio stations like 106.7 Lite FM, Z100, KIIS FM, etc
  • On the other, you can also get live sports and news regarding it
  • iHeartRadio can also proffer many local radio stations that get you your favorite sports games like football, baseball, basketball, and hockey
  • Similarly, you can also get the down low on what happens in the sports world from your talk shows using stations like ESPN, Fox Sports, and Kentucky Sports Radio
  • Finally, it consists of the ultimate personalized station is present with ‘My Favorites Radio’

How To Create My iHeartRadio Account?

Follow the guidelines below to start with creating your iHeartRadio account:

  • At first, you have to launch the iHeartRadio app on your streaming device
  • Secondly, select the Create Account option to start the process
  • Next, input a valid email address that you are using to get information regarding the broadcast
  • After that, create a secure password for your account, and it must be 6 to 30 characters
  • Provide the post code, year of birth and the gender to fill in the form
  • Moreover, check in the email inbox for an authentication email from Bell Media and click the link that is sent to you
  • Similarly, on the Bell Media site, provide the email address and password created for iHeartRadio
  • And that finishes the iHeartRadio account creation process
  • Now, access the iHeartRadio app and choose the Log in option
  • Finally, enter the user name or the first and the last name and press Next
  • You can start to enjoy all your favorite music from your favorite stations with the help of the Roku streaming players

How to Download the iHeartRadio App on your Roku Streaming Device?

You can download the iHeartRadio app from the Roku channel store using the following guidelines:

  • At first, you must hold the Roku home button get the home screen on your TV
  • After that, reach to the left side of the screen and get into the streaming services location
  • Secondly, search for the iHeartRadio channel under the Music section
  • If the channel is not available over there, then navigate to the search bar of the channel store
  • Moreover, input the name of the channel and wait for the results
  • Choose the channel, highlight the Add channel option and press the OK button to start with the downloading process
  • The channel gets downloaded and check for it on your Roku home screen
  • Now, the iHeartRadio app will appear on the screen
  • Similarly, you can start with the activation process via iheart.com/activate

How Do I Get An Activation Code For iHeartRadio?

After downloading the iHeartRadio app on your Roku device, reach the Roku home screen to launch the app. The iHeartRadio activation code will now appear on the TV screen which you will be using on iheart.com/activate for activation

How to Activate the iHeartRadio App on your Roku Device?

  • Once finishing with the installation of the iHeartRadio channel on your Roku device, start the activation process
  • Now, access the iHeartRadio app on your Roku device
  • This will display the iHeartRadio activation code on your TV screen
  • Make a note of this code and reach the activation site
  • Further, open a web browser and head to iheart.com/activate
  • In iheart.com/activate, and you must now log in to the iHeartRadio account to start up the activation
  • And in there provide the activation code from the TV screen and activate the channel with the device
  • Finally, now you can listen to the music that your heart loves using iHeartRadio on your Roku streaming device
  • And thus the activation process is complete via iheart.com/activate

If you have any doubts on iheart.com/activate or else want to get the guidelines on how to activate iHeartRadio on your Roku device via iheart.com/activate, then feel free to talk with our specialized expert squad @ +1-844-661-1050 or visit Roku com link setup.

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