Privacy Policy

If you want to know about the methods we execute to collect data from the users and how we handle it, just read the Privacy Policy before you proceed.

We gather the information that are actually required from the user when we provide the service. When you acquire a service from our website, you will be billed for the assistance our technicians provide. It is better to know about the service policies before utilizing the service offered by us

In some cases, the information we gather is for the enhancements of the services we provide such as creating a sole account for the user to watch the contents without issues. If any error arises, we also gather error reports from the users. Moreover, location details are also gathered for the betterment of our services.

Error files

If any threat occurs, some error reports will be gathered from the users for a better understanding of the issue. The text file will have the details of error and type of error. Moreover, we also gather information about your devices like features and specifications.

Authentic laws and regulations

Users must know that strict laws are enforced in order to prevent any threat or misuse of data. Any individual who violates the rules will be certainly penalized. Data or information about the users are confidential and we do not share it with any third party organization without user’s content.


Website traffic on our website will be managed by the cookies and it will be certainly useful for you when any download executed from the webpage.

Copyrights and trademarks rules

The instructions available on our website are for information purpose only. You are not supposed to share or replicate for commercial use. Any individual who tries to manipulate the data on our website will have to face legal consequences.