Terms and Conditions

To know about the official bond between the customers and the website, you need to go through the Terms and Conditions mentioned here. It is the responsibility of the user to know about our service policies. Comprises of particular laws and regulations to be followed.

Services we provide

We assist customers who require precise instructions to configure the Roku streaming player setup and those who want to eliminate issues in the Roku device. Request the streaming device service that you need by contacting us.

Privacy policy

Read and understand the major aim of the privacy policy. It is one of the critical parts of the Terms and Conditions. It is our endeavor to make users understand about the way we collect data, transfer them and safeguarding of information about the users. When we provide our service to the customer, it is mandatory to gather some essential information about the user such as the Name, Email ID and password. In some cases, we tend to collect the payment details like credit card or PayPal information.

Legal policies

To prevent issues like, user data exploitation, strict laws, and regulations are enforced. The legal administration might solicit any individual information from roku-setup.com. In such cases, we will hand over the data to the respective authorities after getting consent from our customers.


 roku-setup.com never suggest exploiting the data or information accessible on the web page for commercial use. We also request not to disclose the information with any other independent service providers.

Modifications in the website

roku-setup.com is subjected to frequent change and the web page will always be available with new updates and information about the Roku device and the services with respect to it. The information mentioned under the Terms and Conditions section should be read by the user before they move forward to use our services. You can always converse with our technical team to acquire instant updates the Roku streaming players and the services we provide.